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lululemon outlet lemon is known as "the first Canadian professional sports brand", in North America, it is the people doing yoga, fitness and other sports apparel preferred. In Chinese, many people want to save money to buy a LV or GUCCI packet; but in Canada, the girls are more willing to use the money saved to buy a lululemon sale,lululemon canada lemon pants.
In 1998, the Canadian businessman Dennis Wilson joined a yoga class. But he found, most of the students are wearing cotton polyester blended fabric made of sports clothing, this clothing is not tight, nor too sweat. So, Wilson made a black female yoga pants, textile materials this trousers use both breathable and fit. Soon, Wilson founded the Lulu lemons firms in Vancouver, the company opened a small office, retail and yoga training hall.
Just began, Wilson personally responsible for the design and production of clothing, and improved based on feedback here practicing yoga people. Because close to customers, the company set up soon, in Vancouver local acclaimed. Listen to the sound from the bottom of the lululemon pants lemons firms culture 'is the most important part of." Company CEO Kristen said. In Vancouver, a very common Sunday, Kristen is getting busy to help customers fold pants in the fitting room side. In lululemon yoga pants firms, this is common business process. From the top management, financial accounting to the design team, the company each employee monthly must work at least 8 hours in the shop. For a retail enterprises, the provision is extraordinary. This is a measure to make the staff close to the customer, and the customer is growing in the yoga group.
Yoga clothing brand lululemon outlet online lemon in just a few years to stand out from the many sports clothing brand, and lululemon factory outlet online yoga clothes nowadays has become synonymous with fashion. Whether it is a big star or an ordinary housewife, everybody to have a Lululemon headbands yoga clothing products proud.

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