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Linda Lu
Managing Director
Phone: 650-996-5293
Email: linda@business-team.com

Reference Letters

Linda came to BTI Group over twelve years ago and has successfully closed nearly one hundred transactions ranging from Main Street food and retail establishments to large manufacturing businesses. Her patience, persistence and attention to detail has earned her a solid reputation for closing complex and demanding transactions and providing quality service for her clients.

Linda's prior experience included managing an international shipping company in Shanghai as well as several import-export businesses. She was responsible for handling often lengthy, complex transactions that required precise attention to detail. This background has served her well in business brokerage and she has received BTI Group's 'Best Client References' award.

Fluent in English, Mandarin and Shangahaiese, Linda earned a BA in English Literature and Linguistics from Shanghai International Studies University. Linda can be contacted at 650-996-5293 or at linda@business-team.com or businesslinda@yahoo.com

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