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Approach to Selling a Business     

Selling a business can be a daunting task even for the most experienced owner and investor. Yet, this task is critical to achieving personal and return on investment goals. Our thorough approach to evaluating and marketing mid-cap businesses has enabled our clients across all industries to sell their businesses for the highest value. We assist our clients throughout the entire selling process. First, we prepare a business valuation to establish the company's range of value to determine whether or not selling your business at this time will achieve your objectives. Our team of M&A specialists, researchers and dealmakers helps our clients prepare for the future through a variety of services such as:

  • Recasting your company's financial statements and developing projections that demonstrate the company's true market potential.
  • A professional opinion of your company's market value which establishes a baseline for evaluating offers.
  • An assessment of where your business stands in the current market and how to find the best buyer.
  • Consultation on growth strategies, exit strategies and deal structures that can increase sale price and after-tax proceeds.

Once an exit plan has been developed, the business is ready to be introduced to the market. BTI Group uses a systematic and proven approach to bring companies to the market effectively. The following is a overview of the process from the perspective of the seller:

  • Exclusive marketing agreement is signed with BTI Group.
  • BTI Group prepares a Valuation Analysis to determine a realistic value range.
  • BTI Group prepares a detailed Confidential Business Review information package and ancillary marketing materials to be presented to qualified buyers.
  • The target strategic, financial, and/or entrepreneurial acquirers' profile is determined.
  • Using a wide network and a variety of databases to seek the best strategic buyers and investment firms, nationally and internationally based companies are sourced from proprietary and other databases, often resulting in multiple buyers.
  • BTI Group discretely communicates with the prospective acquirers by letter, email or telephone.
  • Interested parties are financially qualified and then sign Confidentiality Agreements.
  • BTI Group provides each qualified acquirer with the Confidential Business Review. Facility tours and initial meetings between acquirers and clients are arranged.
  • Letters of Intent (LOIs) are prepared by acquirers and presented to BTI Group and the client.
  • BTI Group negotiates on the client's behalf with each acquirer submitting an LOI. An LOI is executed with the prevailing acquirer.
  • A due diligence information package is prepared for the acquirer and due diligence occurs.
  • BTI Group manages the negotiation process in coordination with our client's attorneys and accountants to create the deal structure that's right for the client.
  • The Purchase and Sale Agreement is negotiated with the assistance of BTI Group and legal counsel of the seller and acquirer.
  • Closing documents are prepared and executed.
  • Transaction is closed.

Approach to Buying a Business

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