Seattle Business Brokers

Eric Breidenbach

Phone: (425) 957-6181

Professional Affiliations:
Team Leader and Managing Director-Washington

Mr. Breidenbach leads BTI Group’s new Seattle office and leverages the market knowledge and experience of Bridgeview Brokers, Inc. Eric co-founded Bridgeview Brokers in 2003 with a focus on merger & acquisitions, business brokerage, and consulting services to lower middle market firms in Western Washington with revenues from $1M to $50M Eric has been actively involved in merger and acquisition related activities both domestically and internationally since 1988 and has an extensive background in finance, accounting and general management. His career began in 1977 in a Fortune 100 firm and encompassed work in manufacturing, information services and telecommunications firm He successfully led functional and cross-functional acquisition teams, and has been integral to the success of new businesses and product launches, outsourcings and business mergers. His financial background includes positions in all areas of finance including CFO, and his general manager responsibilities have included leading high-growth multi-state start-ups in the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Breidenbach earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from the University of Washington and received an MBA from Southern Methodist University’s distinguished Executive Program.

Current Listings:
  Building and Construction - Electrical Contractor
  Wholesale & Distribution - Sheet Metal Machinery
  Miscellaneous - Plating & Machine Shop
  Wholesale & Distribution - B2B Janitorial Supplies
  Food and Beverage - Restaurant
  Food and Beverage - Restaurant

W. Terence Welsh

Phone: (480) 247-3507

Professional Affiliations:

Business brokering is a natural extension of Terry's background which was focused on merger and acquisition activity, property taxation, accounting, and appraisal work since 1973. Terry began his career with The American Appraisal Company and went on to become a Principal with Arthur Andersen and a Partner with Ernst & Young, an international consulting firm. He has been a presenter for accounting, valuation and taxation seminars for the American Management Associations, American Society of Appraisers, National Association of Accountants, Oregon Department of Revenue, and various state AICPA groups. Terry is a prior certified member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation and has chaired various committees. Terry co-founded Bridgeview Brokers with Eric Breidenbach in 2003 with a focus on merger & acquisitions, business brokerage, and consulting services to lower middle market firms in Western Washington with revenues from $1M to $50M.

Ian MacLachlan


Phone: (408) 316-5198

Professional Affiliations:
Professional Affiliations: IBBA (past board member), CABB (past president)

Mr. MacLachlan is the President and founder of BTI Group (1981), the largest regional intermediary for small and mid-sized businesses, with 10 offices in the Western United States and over 5,300 completed transactions. He is qualified as an expert witness in California Superior Court.

Prior to founding BTI Group, Ian started a chain of motorcycle dealerships which he built into the largest Kawasaki dealer in the U.S. The experience of selling it prompted him to enter the merger and acquisition profession.

He is a founder, past President, and former Director of the California Association of Business Brokers, a past Director and current member of the International Business Brokers Association, and a member of M&A Source. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Ian received a degree in physics from San Jose State University.

Current Listings:
  Miscellaneous - In store & Online Jewelry
  Professional - Landscape Maintenance
  Building and Construction - Manufacturer & Designer of Concrete Products
  High Tech - Silicon Wafer Manufacturing
  Building and Construction - Tree Service Business
  High Tech - Manufacturing
  Food and Beverage - Restaurant
  Food and Beverage - Restaurant
  Furniture & Appliances - Furniture
  Dry Cleaning and Laundry - Dry Clean Pick Up
  Beauty Salons and Spas - Hair Salon
  Beauty Salons and Spas - Hair Salon

Reference Letters

I wanted to give you and your company, Business Team, a letter of recommendation for assisting in the sale of my business. You worked hard and did not give up. You brought me a number of prospective buyers and lots of good advice. Your team members were tirelessly finding prospective buyers for me to meet with. I was pleased with the outcome and the hard work it took to find the right buyer for me as I had requirements that were not just monetary.

Thanks so much

Jane Groner
Founder of Pacific Placement Group
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for your efforts over the past year. When we first met in February of 2002, you gave me a probable scenario of who would buy my business, how long it would take, and how much I could expect to sell it for. It appeared as if you were looking into a crystal ball, because you were correct in all cases. Your company did a great job with my greatest concern, letting the buyers know we were for sale without letting our competition know. The Sale was kept quiet up until the Very end.

Both you and Richard made the transition process very easy. Elaine was always on top of the details. Toni at Commercial Escrow was a pleasure to work with and made the paperwork part of the sale very simple.

Now that the sale is public, I have had people ask me how we found the buyer and how we advertised. I explained that your company took care of everything. I have given your name out to several people already. You may be getting some calls.

Thanks again Ian for delivering what you said you would.

Best Regards,
David L. McCoy, Former Owner Compass Rose Yacht Charters, LLC
It has been over a month now since my business, Flexstar Technology, was acquired by the Audax Group. After completing my transitional duties, I have been enjoying my days at home with my wife, improving my golf game and I have also been reflecting upon the service and professionalism demonstrated by you and the team at BTI.

As you know, I have been involved in the sale or purchase of Flexstar on five separate occasions. Perhaps more so than some of your other clients, I am very acquainted with the process including the stress and aggravation that accompany it. Selling a business is a lot of work; not an easy task, BTI produced a continuous stream of buyers. We were under an LOI with Golden Gate Capital and then the eventual buyer, Audax, practically since the start of our engagement agreement.

Throughout the transaction, I appreciated your calm and steady demeanor especially at the eleventh hour when what appeared to me to be a fatal development occurred. You remained convinced of the value of Flexstar, and you brought me several million dollars more than I had anticipated

Thank you again for all of your efforts. Should you need a reference please don't hesitate to contact me.

Eric Vergari
Former President, Flexstar Technology
When it came time to sell my electronic waste recycling company, PC Recycle, I contacted the broker who had sold a similar business I owned in Seattle a number years ago and he referred me to Ian and Business Team. (incidentally he was a former Business Team employee).

We soon had a number of interested buyers from within the industry but the eventually buyer, outside the industry, was a former client of Ian's who agreed to pay my asking price (actually paid me a little bit more) and the transaction closed in two months. Ian, with the assistance of Marion (Business Team transaction manager) presented the deal to a number of SBA lenders and was able to find the one bank able to overcome a major challenge (Buyer's net worth exceeded SBA guidelines).

Ian was very helpful in the negotiations from start to finish and I can heartily recommend him to any business owners planning to retire.

Farhad Saifyan, Seller